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Please note the wonderful excursion opportunities
that you can enjoy in our area, when you come to get your Jeep.

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Photos from Badlands in Attica, Indiana [ ]

Badlands is a privately owned off road vehicle park located North and West of Indianapolis. Click s

Why not plan to stay at Billie Creek Inn
A Turn of the Century Village and Farmstead In -General Store-3 Covered Bridges
click here for info and directions

In Parke County
where we are located, we have more covered bridges (some dating to the early 1800s) than any other county in America. Numerous marked trails will allow you to take your Jeep on well marked, self-guided tours of these lovely, historic, bridges, as well as afford you the opportunity to enjoy some of Americas most beautiful forests and terrain.

Rushing water, a river in Indiana
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When you come to visit us
You can experience the thrill of canoe trips that pass by 150-foot high sandstone cliffs at Turkey Run State Park.

Additionally, you can enjoy Cagle's Mill Dam and Raccoon Lake Recreational Area, that feeds the Sugar Creek, on which is located one of Indiana's most scenic water powered roller mill, and one of our longest covered bridges, both dating back to the 1800s.

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Whether it is Spring when the redbud and dogwood trees are in full bloom
Or summer when the leaves are green and the forests are so thick, that you sometimes feel you should turn on your headlights in broad daylight, when you pass under the thick canopy of leaves. In the fall, at the time of the Covered Bridge Festival, the leaves are vivid hues of red, orange and yellow and whether your taste is for a hot glass of apple cider or some of the best country cookin in America, your expectations will be met or exceeded. In winter you can frequently smell wood from our local forests, burning in the fireplaces that are common in the area. If ice fishing is your delight, come and be delighted. Regardless of the season or the time of the year, many of our friends and customers consider it an adventure just to visit us in Raccoon Township. We hope that you will consider a great experience also.

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Go To The Parke Co. Map To Find These Areas
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